THE REVAMP - One Package To Clean All

THE REVAMP - One Package To Clean All

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This 'One Package Cleans All' is suitable for all types of footwear and fabrics, including leather, suede, and nubuck. Each service includes a thorough cleaning of the shoe's interior and exterior, as well as the sole and laces.

Many of the shoes that come through our doors may require some light to moderate repairs. This is optional, as to achieve the best possible results, it may be required to repaint specific scuffs and scratches, depending on the condition of your shoe. Depending on the colour/condition of the material, we will use our expert judgement to determine whether or not this service is necessary or feasible.

At an additional cost, we also offer:

  • Mid-sole painting 
  • Full trainer re-paint 
  • Customised re-paint
  • Minor glue work
  • Full sole glueing

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